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Tracy Rubble - Fashion

Tracy has been in world since October 2007. Before that time her RL counterpart had another avatar but didn't spend much time in-world. Since 2007 Tracy has been the owner of two fashion stores, and has worked in a variety of different roles. She is always looking for new things to experience. 

Press Releases. Hair - All styles and colours. Skin - All tones. Clothing - High fashion, casual, gowns, dresses, funky, disco, fashion. Shoes - all styles. Accessories - all styles. Other - Home-wares  breedables, prefabs, pets, gadgets (anything goes). 
 Discount/Sale events, Charity events, Gacha
 Look of the day, artistic posts, location shots and some reviews. Edited pictures.

Ephedra Loon - Goth/Biker

Ephedra joined second life in early 2007 and spent her first few months working in casinos. She loved her job and found herself a little lost once they closed. She soon found jewelry design and opened DCD in late 2008. Ephedra can currently be found working as a CSR, designing for her store and hosting games. She is always on the lookout for new Gothic stores to add to her bulging LM folder.

Punk and goth styles, latex, biker, lingerie. Hair - Preferred black or white. Skin - Pale tones. Other - Homewares. Gadgets, Anything biker/goth/native american. 
Discount/Sale events, Hunts, Charity events, Gacha, Fairs. 
Mostly reviews, unedited pictures.

Wendy Densmith - Teen/Breedables

Wendy joined second life in 2008, but didn't log in regularly until late 2012 when she made the decision to role-play both a teenager and as a pg character within urban role-play. Wendy is currently 16 years old, a high school student and an avid party thrower (much to the angst of her long suffering father.) She also loves breedables and is currently obsessed with Fennux. 
Please note - Wendy is the alt of another G4G blogger.

Accepting - Teenwear. Clothing - Anything suitable for 14-18 year old avatars that is stylish, casual, cute or funky. Nothing excessively low cut or 'sexy'. Hair - Red/Blonde Skin - Lightly Tanned. Other - Breedables, gadgets, homewares for teens, cute accessories.
Events - Sales, family/teen events.
Style - Cute and colourful LOTD and reviews. Edited pictures.

AriaMaria Gracemount - Childrens wear.

Aria joined second life in 2010 and began to infect the world with her cuteness straight away. She loves fairies, bunnies and puppy dogs. She loves pretty dresses, playing dress up and getting new toys. 
Please note - Aria is the alt of another G4G blogger.

Accepting - Childrenswear. Clothing/Avatar- Kids aged 4-10 years old. Anything cute, fun and aimed at children. Other - Toys, accessories and children's furniture.
Events - Kid events, family fairs, family hunts.
Style - Unedited pics, reviews.

If you are not sure, please contact any blogger and we will direct you. If you do send your items to the wrong person and we are interested in blogging we will contact you and request that you send another copy to the correct blogger.

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