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Sunday, 24 January 2010

for Ruby - Convert in Training.

I love boots in RL and in SL, but never really seemed to find the time to update mine in world. So today, with a few hours to spare I went boot shopping. I didn't know what I wanted, just that they had to be killer and something I could wear over and over and not get bored.

I thought I'd found them, so I threw a message to a friend who told me "Get to Bax and buy some real boots."

I can honestly say, Bax Coen's boots hadn't interested me at all. I'd seem them on the feeds, and even been to the store but I just wasn't bothered by them. But my friend started talking about the features. Less than 900L for 4 color choices, tons of options for changing the look of the boots (including zipper, sole, heel and toe) and a very easy, perfect fitting system.
Not to mention the choices for the cuffs that includes a very useful jeans fold.

Needless to say, I gave them another chance, and grabbed the browns pack. I wasn't dissapointed! I had them fitted to my shape perfectly within minutes and the options mean I now have a pair of boots I'll probably never take off.

So Ruby, this is for you...

I'M A CONVERT! Are you?

{Style Card}
Boots - Bax Prestige boots.
Jeans - Nyte n Day Essential Acid.
Jumper -SySy's
Skin - Belezza
Hair - Magika.

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