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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Viewer 2.0

You know those days you step into a store you visit regularly, to find everything has been moved. You wander around and around looking for the one thing you wanted, and realising it's now at the other end of the store. That was my first impression of viewer 2.0 when I got the beta installed yesterday.

It's completely different to the older viewers, with a total new look and lots of new pretties to play with.
(I'll throw up some screenshots in a later post.)

The UI is different, with a new sidebar where everything you usually use lives. There are tabs for people, places and inventory plus a really nifty "home tab" where you can go to things like the new destination guide (similar to showcase but web based! Making it an ideal way to pull in new residents with your awesome creations). The sidebar also holds world maps, your dashboard and some help guides.
Inventory now includes a super cool outfits holder. This makes it easier to find the outfit you made, in its folder and just wear.

One of the "loves" I have is the teleport history in the places tab! You can see, with dated filters, where you have been over the last few days. Ideal if you want to go back to somewhere you forgot to LM. Just open, click and go!

But, my most favourite is shared media. This blog is being typed on a prim!
Shared media is a way to bring the internet in world. Just rez a prim, select a face, and on the textures tab you can put in media (different media on each face if you want) and use it just like a webpage. If you have 2.0, play with it... it's fun! Plus you can set it up so other people can share it, hence shared media. Perfect for business collaborations or just playing games with friends.

Wanna play with 2.0? Get it here -http://www.secondlife.com/beta-viewer

It's stil public beta, which means it does have a few bugs. But take it from me. My Pc isn't stable, and the old viewer is much less solid for me. If the full release of 2.0 is this solid. I'll be using it forever.

P.s. I haven't covered even 1% of the newness here. I'll leave it to you to play around with the features. There's a new tattoo layer (including face tattoos) and an alpha layer that removes sections of the body. There's new search, new chat and other goodies. Play around, and feel free to comment with YOUR favourite things.

Until Next Time
Tracy xxx

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