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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2010 - Day One.

Today's Topic: Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?I became a blogger for one reason and one reason only. The free stuff. I thought it would be the perfect way to fill my inventory with the latest fashions without spending a single L$, and the easiest way to get the best gadgets before other people did. It's enriched my life because I never have to leave my skybox. I sit around being a non-stop repository of pretties. I never have to socialise, nor do I need to wait through the lagfests that are new release days. Nope I just sit, and the designers drop their hard work on me.
(For Beu xxx)
Now for the honest answer... Anyone still reading?
I have wanted to blog since I started designing clothing. I saw what bloggers could do for new stores, and how they could help the wider world through their words. Just a post from a well followed blogger can take a charity event from raising $20 to raising $2000.
Bloggers in SL can be the nicest, most amazing people. Yes there are some that aren't so nice, but that's true within any community. But on the whole they are lovely. As a designer I've found most bloggers are happy to take something I've made and offer me clear, constructive criticism. I've grown as a creator because of this.
I wanted to be able to offer that to others, and pay back the kindnesses bloggers have shown to me. So once I'd got past my shyness about it, I set up this blog.
It has enriched my life through the people I have met and the things I've seen. I have met brand new designers who were just learning how to use the system tools, right up to well known brands adding to their already bulging stores.
I have met Linden's, I have met shoppers. Each person I've spoken to has a story to tell, and one day I might do a series of posts telling these stories.
Blogging opens doors and shows things you wouldn't notice otherwise. It makes you take a closer look at the world around you and makes you put your own ideas under the microscope. Blogging makes you think and feel. Blogging makes an avatar... human.

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  1. LOVE this post - honest and open and so true lol funny how some peopel do think we blog for free stuff though