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Friday, 18 June 2010

The final bbbc10

Was this your first Challenge? What did you get out of your experience? Do you think it will change the way you blog in the future?
I've taken part in a few smaller challenges since I started my blog, but this was the first one on this scale.
I decided to do it when a friend of mine dropped me the link to the first question. My first thought was "ooh I fancy a coffee" shortly followed by "yeah I can do that".

To be honest, I didn't think I'd do much. I thought I'd do a few short answers and a quick picture. But as you can see the pictures didn't come, the words did.

This challenge has been amazing, and really made me think about what I want from SL and from my blog. I don't think I'd be happy just settling into the occasional review again. Instead I want to fill these pages with the things I WANT to say. Yes there'll still be reviews, but backed up with the topics that hit my head about SL and the times I think "I don't agree."

There are many of those times, when I see a post or a plurk and want to open my mouth and say what I really think. But like many others, I just don't want the hassle. Well, this challenge has given me the chance to open the can of worms, and I am not going to close it.

Now the challenge is over, keep an eye on this blog. I'm not going to stop with the honest posts, I'm going to spit out the rainbow and sunshine maker and carry on letting it all out. After all, if a challenge like this can make me feel so happy with myself. Then why stop now?

So do you want to pose me a question or give me a topic? Go for it! Email me tracyrubble@gmail.com. IM me, comment on a post etc. Just get it to me and I'll answer as openly and (brutally) honestly as I can. Enjoy.

Disclaimer - I will only post on general topics or the big topic of the day. I will not post about individuals or individual dramas. This is not, and never will be, a "Bitch" blog... it's just a chance for me to say my piece.

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  1. Great post! I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge and took part in it! :)