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Monday, 20 June 2011

SL8B - Free Kitty for all!

KittyCats are possibly one of the cutest breedables on the grid right now.
With a huge following and many markets and sales, it's been impossible to avoid them since they arrived back in January.
Well now, there's even more excuse to jump right in.

The KittyCats team have exploded into the SL8B celebrations in style by giving every single resident a free special edition Kitty! Born from a magicians hat, I introduce Magic.

The kitty has a beautiful "Birthday Suit". It's fur is covered in stars, fitting the "Magic of Secondlife" theme of the celebrations. It also has those amazing Blacklight eyes I'm crazy about and lots of other traits. This is one pretty kitty and a perfect starter for anyone considering giving them a try, or a great addition to those with a cattery already.

Don't be fooled by this kitty's suit though. What this kitty will give it's babies is a mystery, and it could throw anything from the most common to the very rarest traits!

Also in the hat you get a little magicians outfit for kitty (not shown) plus 1 weeks food for your new feline friend in the form of this funky birthday cake.

Once that food runs out you can get more from the KittyCats mainstore and it's really cheap too! Your new kitty will cost you around 15L a week to feed if you set it to No Breeding, or if you choose to breed your kitty it will consume about twice that food.

The special edition kittycat is available at SL8B for the next two weeks and everybody can grab one absolutely FREE. You don't have to have owned a KittyCat either, so head on over and take a look, what have you got to lose?

I braved the lag to get mine just minutes after the team sent out a notice. Trust me, wear very little and be prepared to wait. It took about 30 minutes for mine to be delivered, but everyone waiting are in such high spirits it passes really fast.

Here's your Limo. 

Check back for more SL8B posts when I dare brave the sims again.


  1. If I get another cat I will blame it ALL on you

  2. Beu it's free and cute and it *covered spoilers* and it also *more covered spoilers*. Ooooh and it comes with *covered spoi... yeah you get the idea*