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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Honey's I'm home!

A few months ago I made the hard decision to leave all of my friends, my business and everything I'd learned in Second Life behind. It wasn't a choice I made lightly, in fact it kind of crept up on me over a year or so.

The reasons for me leaving were complex and varied, but in general I had little spare time. What spare time I did have I wanted to spend with my RL family and getting RL happy. Months passed and RL got pretty amazing. Now things have changed.

My other half was forced to leave his job, so we're now both home all day long until he finds more work. Those who know my other half know that he's an amazing man who seems to spend his entire life doing things to show K and I how much he loves us. So it's no surprise that him being home all day means he's taken more than his fair share of the housework. He's also been decorating and catching up with the DIY and doing most of the school runs too! This has left me with big chunks of spare time that I can't fill up with studying or watching tv. So for the time being, I'm back!

This blog will be my main project within SL. I'll maybe do some small time designing for events and things where needed, but I don't have the L's behind me to run a store anymore (Sponsors welcome :p) <<< for those who feel the need, I AM JOKING.

So that's it. I'll be having a scan over the blog and making a few minor changes to the review policies and things over the next few days, but pretty much feel free to drag me into an IM if you want to talk.

It's lovely to be back.

Tracy x

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