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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bloggers Challenge - Closet Clean Out

Luna Jubilee posted an interesting challenge.
Everyone seems to be having a good inventory cleanout, with it being the new year, and Luna has asked bloggers to show off something they found when cleaning.

Here's mine...

Yes, somewhere back in time I was a fan of goth culture. In fact, that hasn't changed. I love the style, I love the way things are so OTT.

The dress in this picture was something I bought within about 6 months of joining SL. It's called Gothic Lolita and was from Goth1c0. It reminded me of the lolita style outfits many celebs were wearing in RL at the time, and I loved the poofy skirt!

The boots are Goth Princess from a store called Dejavu Designs. They're one thing I will never throw out. The detailing is delicious, from the textured skulls on the legs and feet, to the tiny little chains and claws adorning them. I'm not sure the store exists anymore. But the owner Sexxxy Dejavu is still around in world.

Magika is a current favourite for hair and not as old as the other two. This style, Earth, is actually in the new freebie box. I especially love the stakes through the bun at the back.

Finally the skin is Rockberry, and one of the few dark lipped skins I've actually liked.

All in all this is a look I don't rock normally, but one I used to wear all of the time. Sorting my inventory and putting these on brought some amazing memories back.

Go on, what do you have buried?

Tracy xx

{Style Card}
Hair - Magika Earth (Black A)
Skin - Rockberry Kate E (Natural FR)
Shape - My Own
Outfit - Gothic Lolita Goth1c0
Boots - Goth Princess Dejavu Designs


  1. LOVE IT! Magika has awesome hair.

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge <3

  2. Thanks Luna, the challenge was good fun, can't wait for another.

    And yes, Magika is a current favourite.