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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Dial G for Girl

Hello world!

Blogging is something I've considered time and time again but never gotten around to doing. I've always been an avid reader of the fashion feeds, and spend hours scanning for reviews of the latest releases from stores both old and new.

I'm a designer myself, and I know just how amazing it feels to see something I have made on someones blog for all to see. I've wanted to be able to do that, as a sideline hobby. I've wanted to give other designers that fluttery "oooh I got blogged" feeling I love so much.

So here I am, with my very own, brand new, shiny blog.

I'll be spending some time setting things up, adding the all important review policy and guidelines, and generally getting things going. So for now you'll be able to check my "Trubble Takeover" posts out on Beulah Mills' blog, One thing at a time.

I hope you bookmark me, or add me to your readers, so you can check back as I get going.
For now, if you want to get in touch about anything feel free to IM me in world or email tracyrubble@gmail.com.

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