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Friday, 29 January 2010


I know that my graphics on this temporary system are not working well enough to show this in its very best light, but with some tweaking I have at least managed to bring you a picture.

Katiecue Wood of KTQ approached me last week as she has begun learning to create content and wanted to show me what she's learned so far.
Her store is still small, but this girl is really showing potential already! She's created some lovely furniture and a few items of clothing and footwear.
Of course being new she still has some way to go, but I really do think Katiecue has some real potential. We should support new creators like her. In my opinion, she'll be huge in the future, so get over there and see what she has already.

The picture above is her "Red Fluffy sofa" which comes, like all of her furniture, in a variety of colours and in both adult and pg scripts. The poses are well set, and fit perfectly with the sofa, and the style looks very very comfortable.

Visit KTQ here, and make sure you grab a LM.

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