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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nyte and Day (and all other occasions)

Back in the days when I was a shopping newbie, a friend dragged me kicking and screaming into a store she'd been going to regularly. She persuaded me with the promise of a shopping mecca. A place that does it all and some. I didn't believe that anywhere could be that good.
I was wrong!

Nyte and Day has been my "must go" shop ever since. It's my first stop if I want something new in my virtual closet, and the one place where I can never visit without dropping a few L's.
Fortunately, Nyte Caligari makes sure she prices everything fairly. With many items falling around the 200L mark ( and that's a full outfit! ) and very few are much more.

With valentines day sneaking up on us, I decided to drop by and see what newness Nyte had on offer in the lingerie department and as I trusted, I easily found some treats.

Personally, I can't beat a sexy corset and suspenders for that "come to bed" outfit. Arden says it with bells on. The outfit comes with all possible layer options, and will definately leave no doubt in any man's mind.
The detailing on the corset is amazing, right from the cut, to the bones and even in the hooks and eyes. The lacing down the back is perfectly placed and shaded, and the creases make it breath-takingly gorgeous. It comes in a variety of colours, so choose the one you love the most and strike a pose nobody will forget.

Of course, not everyone wants to tease their partner so obviously. So if you'd rather take a softer approach, I love the seduction sets. Each comes with the babydoll and bra options and again comes in a variety of colour sets.

Like everything at Nyte and Day, the detailing is amazing.
Seduction is a satin set, accented with lace that gives a gently, subtle quality. As usual the shading is lovely and gives that air of reality we all crave.

Whilst browsing the lingerie, I noticed a new (to me at least) section of skins!
I honestly hadn't heard that Nyte had begun to sell skins, and my excitement made my RL partner jump.
I dashed over and started trying demo's and reading the vendors like my life depended on it.
I fell in love with the "Cat Classic" skin, which is an "evolution V2" skin. Not sure what that meant, I took a look at the info card in the demo and learnt that these skins can actually be tinted! So if I want just a touch more tan, I can do that myself. That was enough for me!
I bought the makeup I wanted (at an amazingly low price, that I remember as being under 200!) and put it straight on with the biggest smile on my face. Finally Nyte really does do nearly everything.
Unfortunately the skins don't seem to come in fatpacks as yet.
Edit: Since publishing this post I have heard from Nyte that she created those skins in 2006 and will soon be removing them. I'm so glad I noticed them when I did as she is unsure whether to create more.

Honestly I could go on for hours about how much I love Nyte. The store has something for every occasion, and nothing is priced out of range of even the poorest resident. Nyte herself is a friendly, helpful business owner, and is always fast to reply to an enquiry.

Of course, this posts has gone on too long already, but I couldn't leave without some shots of some Nyte and Day Jeans. These ones are Essential Jeans in Acid.

Now, I issue a challenge (because I ALWAYS wanted to do this).
BLOGGERS: What store could you blog for hours about? Which is your first stop for any shopping trip? Which store do you have a fond memory of?

I want you to dig into your personal SL, forget the trends and forget the rules. My challenge to you is:

Pick one store that you have personal reasons to love, be it a memory or because you are addicted to shopping there. Write a post saying why you love that store.

Easy eh?

Til Next Time.

Tracy xx

{Style Cards}

-Picture 1-
Outfit - Nyte n Day - Arden Red
Hair - Magika Biji Black A
Skin - Nyte n Day - evolution v2 tan Cat Classic
Shape - my own
Shoes - Exclusiva Talia Sandles silver.
Eyes - Poetic Colors, Caribbean Sea

-Picture 2-
Outfit - Nyte n Day - Seduction Red.
Hair - Truth Lillian - Blood
Skin - Nyte n Day - evolution v2 tan Cat Classic
Shape - my own
Nails - Candy Nails - basic prim nails red.
Eyes - Poetic Colors Caribbean Sea

- Picture 3 -
Skin - Nyte n Day - evolution v2 tan Cat Classic
Shape - My Own
Hair - Both Magika

- Picture 4 -
Jeans - Nyte n Day Essential Jeans Acid.
Hair - Magika Biji Black A
Skin - Nyte n Day - evolution v2 tan Cat Classic
Shape - My Own
Boots - Bax Coen for Le.Look
Tank - From Nyte n Day Genuflect.

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