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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Lunch

Easter Sunday means one thing in my house.
Lunch at my Mothers!

Ok, so we go to my Mum's house all of the time, but Easter Sunday is a day of egg hunting and chocolate. Mum hides eggs all over the house for my daughter, who hunts for them all afternoon long. Even if she finds them she insists on us hiding them again.

Then we all sit down to a lovely roast, and sponge pudding for dessert. It's yummy.
Obviously a day of egg hunting requires a pretty casual outfit...

This top is a new release of my own (shameless self promotion) but what I really wanted to show off are these shorts from Pink Outfitters. The Mission Hill military shorts are just as detailed as I'd expect from such a talented designer. The attention is amazing right down to the shading and button details.

Pink Outfitters is my most favourite store for seperates on the entire grid. London Dailey is an extremely talented designer, who pays amazing attention to detail. The store is filled to the brim with 2 floors of seperates from skirts to shorts and slogan teeshirts to classy tops. Each item is amazingly created, and the prices are so reasonable anyone could afford them!

Just take a look at this top, found yesterday. The grecian spring blouse has some fantastically designed prims, like the sculpted shoulder drape. The texturing is amazing and really shows London's talent.

If you haven't been already I'd say get on over to Pink Outfitters right now! Don't delay one second, you won't regret it!

Here's your Limo

Until Next Time (and happy easter!)
Tracy xxx

Style Card

Shape - My Own
Skin - AtomicBambi - Sara Sunblush
Hair/Hat - Maitreya (Le.Look Gift)
Pink Top - **Trubble** Pink Lace Blouse (Released 5th April 2010)
Black Top - Pink Outfitters Grecian Spring Blouse (Caprice)
Shorts - Pink Outfitters Mission Hill Military shorts (Arsenic)
Shoes - **Trubble** White Satin Pumps

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  1. I have never heard of Pink Outfitters. Looks like I got a day of shopping to do. Great Job.