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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Going to the chapel...

Spring is here. Which means the start of that dreaded wedding season.
Like most girls I love a good wedding. The flowers, the tears, and seeing a good friend tying the knot to the person they love. It's all so amazing and each wedding leaves its mark in my memory.

But the part I hate... trying to find the perfect outfit.

It has to be pretty, and show some effort has gone into dressing for someones special day. But it can't upstage the bride, and it shouldn't draw too much attention.

This dress from Icing does just that.

Icing-Dress-blog 256

Petit Baiser is white, with an intricate blue pattern, making it understated yet still pretty enough for those pictures.
I love the attention all of the clothes at Icing show. The seams are lovely, and the patterns matched expertly.

The shoes are from Exclusiva, and called Talia Sandal's in Silver. They are beautifully textured as I'd expect from VictoriaV McMillan. Unlike many sandals these days, they are not prim feet! Which saves time on matching them to the skin I want to wear. Always a plus.

The skin, Lana, is from AtomicBambi. The first place I go when I want new skin. AtomicSparkle is an amazing skin artist, as you can see from the freckles and shading on this one.

Last but not least, the Hair is Lillian from Truth.
Truth isn't a store I'd usually buy hair from, but when a friend insisted I check it out, I think I fell in love with the realistic texturing and the wide selection of styles.

Enjoy your summer weddings. Why don't you show us what you'd wear.

Until Next Time

Tracy xx

Style Card

Shape - My Own
Skin - AtomicBambi (Lana, Tan, Siren, Frex 2)
Hair - Truth (Lillian Blood)
Dress - Icing (Petit Baiser)
Shoes - Exclusiva Talia Sandals (Silver)

**PLEASE NOTE - Picture quality may not be perfect due to the system I am having to use. Hopefully, as soon as I have my own system back I'll be able to post higher quality pictures again. Thankyou for your patience **

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