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Monday, 14 June 2010

BBBC2010 - Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.

The big bad blogger challenge is definately food for thought. Today is day 2, and the subject is "positive things." We've been asked to Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.So here goes.
I am regularly accused of being Miss Negative. Not that I'm all doom and gloom, but I have low self esteem and always find myself comparing my life to others, and usually feel that I fall short.

So my number one positive thing is...
I'm learning to be more positive.
The funny thing is, just learning to laugh at myself (see my first BBBC post) is making a huge difference in my SL. It's giving me the clarity to see that I don't have to beat everyone else, I just have to enjoy what I am doing.

My second Positive is ...
I've finally got my store looking how I want it to. I took a day or two to totally remodel the inside and get things how I like them. I gave up on the "rules" and just did it. Now it's so pretty.. yay.

My third and final positive is...
I'm making friends where it counts.
No I don't mean in high places, or with people who can give me a leg up socially or professionally. I mean I'm making friends with interesting people, who challenge me each day and give me lots to laugh and smile about. These friends range from talented designers, to day old newbies. Each and every one bring a little sunshine just by logging in.

So there's my three positive things. Although because of number 1 I could probably go on to name at least 10 more (like the new lamb hair I just bought). But those are the 3 biggest. What's yours?

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