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Sunday, 18 July 2010

International Fashion Week 2010

When I was given the opportunity to be a secondary blogger at International Fashion Week (IFW) I was thrilled. Although I wasn't allowed to ask for items I was allowed to visit the sim and purchase items during the preview days. While I was walking around the stores I wished I had enough to buy more items but I was unfortunately limited to one item and that was a really tough decision as there are so many amazing items for sale.

After visiting the sim a couple of times and walking around many times I finally settled on this flirty little dress by Convoitise called Emily in deep purple. The skirt has a floaty feel as you move and the top is available in both the shirt and jacket layers.

While I was there and short of cash I picked up the gifts, some free others for a small cost all fantastic. Here's a small selection of the ones available:

Patty Springsteen in Springgreen by Angel Dessous, this dress is also for sale in white, black and red.

Paisley Park by G Sloane Couture

Delinda by Convoitise

Chloe in Black by PurpleMoon

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