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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Review Policies and Guidelines - Update Sept 2010

It's about time I gave this post a clean up. So here goes.

Dial G For Girl is a joint, "for fun" Second Life blog written and maintained by Tracy Rubble and Ephedra Loon. From time to time we do allow guest bloggers! So if you would like to try your hand at blogging without the hassle of a blog let one of us know. Send us a written review, with a picture, of anything you want and if we like your style you'll get a guest spot! Send it to tracyrubble@gmail.com and let us see your style!

Review Copy Policy
The majority of the time, if we see something we'd like to review on this blog it is also something we want to wear. Therefore we will buy it ourselves. We will, however, try to send you a message to say we've reviewed something of yours, so that you can see the review and let us know if we have written anything incorrectly.

We both happily accept review packs, both solicited (asked for) and unsolicited. However, we cannot guarrantee a timescale in which these will be reviewed. For unsolicited review packs, we will try to give feedback where possible. But if the items are not in our styles, or we feel we cannot give the items a fair review they will not be blogged. This doesn't mean we don't like your items, it just means we didn't have time, or they didn't fit in with our style at that time. We change a lot.

Review packs and press releases can be sent to either Tracy Rubble or Ephedra Loon in world. Feel free to send to us both if you wish to increase your chances of getting reviewed. We chat daily, so we'll make sure whoever is going to do it best, does your review.  Feel free to contact us at any time with questions!
Review pack folders should be named "Review Pack" where possible so it doesn't get lost. 

Press Releases
We understand a press release is time limited. You want your release out as fast as possible to promote your event etc. If you have a press release, send it to us in a folder called "Press Release". If it will fit in with the blog, it'll be posted within a day or two.

We will not! 
  • Review stolen items, or items from a known thief. 
  • Review things we don't like
  • Give a bad review (the only negative posts are Tracy's Rants which are not usually directed at anyone)
  • Promise to review everything all of the time. 
  • Dismiss new creators (you will be treated the same regardless of how long you've been open)
  • Take Bribes (Unless they're really good ones, chocolate works as does jewelry)

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