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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Luxuria part 2

In a world where cellulite and "bloaty" days don't exist, lingerie can become a big obsession.
Personally I love a great set of panties, so when Ephedra blogged the new knickers from Luxuria I fell in love instantly.
We'd both recieved the review packet, so I launched mine into the centre of my living room and tore at the wrapping on the cute little boxes, oohing and aahing at the quality and detail on each piece.
It wasn't until I checked again that I realised Ephe had left me a couple to look at too! She knows my style almost too well, letting me review a nice bright "lipstick red" set named Dot, and a cutesy little floral, Olaenka in Lavendar.

Luxuria is an upscale intimates line, which is part of the "5th and Oxford" brand. Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot work together to bring you mostly hand drawn and sculpted clothing.
5th and Oxford has never failed to astound me with their attention to details, natural looking textures and clean lines, and Luxuria is no exception.
I can honestly say, these undies are not for private wear only! I can see myself wanting to wear them again and again.

Definately head on over to Luxuria and take a look around. As Ephedra mentioned in her post, they have a pretty sweet contest going on right now. Design them a logo and you could walk away with 2k and a bunch of other prizes!
For me? I'm gonna go find a quiet spot and sit and consider something.
How come Ephedra knows my taste in panties, yet hubby has no idea? Hmmm...

until Next time
Tracy xxx

{Style Card}

Skin -  Exodi (Isolde Soleil 17)
Shape - My own
Hair - Magika (Denise Onyx)

Lingerie 1 - Luxuria Olaenka (lavender)
Lingerie 2 - Luxuria Dot (Lipstick Red)

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