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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Bottle Bird

Sometimes I fall in love with something, but don't get a chance to wear it. This skirt from BottleBird is one of them.
It was sent to me a few weeks ago as a gift, and I loved it the minute I tried it on. The hand-drawn detailing on the high waist and the soft material made me think about wearing it constantly.
So today, I jumped at the chance and put it on.
Dirty Adored, designer at BottleBird has sent me a few pretties recently, all of amazing standard just like this one. The sculpt and texture work shows just how much effort goes into a design.
If you haven't checked BottleBird out yet, go now! Right now! No excuses! 

The shirt is from one of my all time favourite designers, Nyte Calligari (Nyte n Day). I haven't made it down there in a while, and the layout is completely changed, but one thing that did strike me is Nyte's use of sculpts. I've never been disappointed with anything from that store, and the new stuff is no exception. Nyte has astounded me by improving her collections with shirts, and even coats! Again, go now... no excuses!

Until Next time
Tracy xx

{Style Card}
Hair - Magika Pencil (Ruby)
Skin - Exodi Isolde 17 (Vivante)
Shape - My own
Pose - My own
Shirt - Nyte n Day Lift Button Up Shirt
Skirt - Bottle Bird Goff Pink Hi Waist

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