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Thursday, 14 October 2010

A friend in need...

A good friend is one that comes out of nowhere when you most need them.
I've met a fair few of those friends in my time in SL. When it looked like I'd lose my store because of time off SL, friends ran together and got enough sales to cover my tier until I got back.

Then today, a message rang out across Plurk.... Delora of Haven Designs is in need.
Delora's tier is due, and like the majority of us, sales are slow right now. But we DON'T wanna lose her amazing creations right?

So I'm asking you... step up, be a friend, head on down to Haven Designs and grab one item. Even if it's 100L$ worth... every L helps.

I went earlier and grabbed a whole bunch of gorgeous stuff, including the outfits below. The prices were so reasonable I just couldn't stop myself. The tops were around 125 each, bottoms not much more!

Haven Designs also does a whole bunch of clubwear and GOR RP clothing... so something for everyone.


Skin - AtomicBambi - Sara Sunblush
Shape - Own
Eyes - Poetic Colors - Drama Queen
Hair - Maitreya Sun - Ginger
Boots - Bax Prestige
Tattoo - Wicked Tattoos - Bad Bitch

Picture 1 - Haven Designs Isabeau Bodice - Purple

Picture 2 - Haven Designs Flourish - Gold, Haven Designs Kaimi Leather pants - Blue

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  1. That's such a lovely thing to do for someone, I'm sure Delora will appreciate every linden spent in her store :)