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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

52 weeks of color - the catchup part 1.

I love a good challenge. So after the "silver" post in this challenge, I decided to go back and play catchup on the weeks that I've missed.

Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks of color challenge is the perfect excuse to rummage through my inventory and dig out things I've either forgotten about or sometimes wouldn't ever consider wearing. It's a great chance to explore some looks and find something I feel is me.

So here's weeks 1-3 in catchup... I can't wait to keep going on this journey... thankyou Luna!

Week 1 - Grey

{Style Card}
Skin - Exodi - Orchid -Vivante Friday
Hair - Exile - Hannah Pearl
Cardigan - L'abel Tuva Grey
Week 2 - Blue

Skin - Exodi - Orchild Vivante Friday
Hair - Exile - Susan Pulse
Romper - Pink Outfitters Socialite

Week 3 - Goldenrod
A note for this one - Goldenrod is the WORST color to do so far. First I had to find out what it was... then find something that fits.... not easy. Thankyou for the challenge.

 Skin - Exodi Orchid - Vivante Friday
Hair - (Apologies, I was so tied up in the post I forgot to write it down)
Top - *HD* Flourish Gold
Trousers - League - Metallic Shine Leggings.

Weeks 4-8 coming tomorrow hopefully :)

Until Next Time
Tracy xx

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