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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Life's a beach part 1

It's the first day of the year, which means we're heading towards sunny days! If you're anything like me you're ready to leave the rain and snow behind and get back to the hot bikini parties.

I definately am, so I've started decorating for the hot lazy summer, starting with a beach hut to relax in.
I saw quite a few in world but the one I fell for hook, line and sinker was this one from Sways. It comes with all of the furniture and accessories included, and a few more! And at only 600L it's a bargain.

 The hut, curtains and sofa are all color change, so you can edit it to fit your parcel, or even just your mood. I'm sticking with moody purples and blues for now, but I see myself heading to a brighter color as the weather warms.

The hut comes complete with a sofa, deckchair, wall decorations, beach ball, boat shaped shelf and a message in a bottle amongst other things. It's well textured and a lovely open design.
If you're preparing to decorate for the summer, get yours here. 

Until next time
Tracy xx

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