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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

New stores are like a drug. Once you know there’s a good one on the market, you hunt it down and grab onto it. If it’s really good it’ll soak up your cash leaving you broke, dazed and confused and with a load of extra baggage to deal with.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is my current drug, with the exception of the price!
Everything in this little store is under 10L, from shoes to clothes in the most gorgeous styles ever.
If I’m honest, when I was given the LM with an IM saying “Just got a dress for 5L” I was sceptical to say the least. Usually I head to somewhere so cheap and it’s the SL equivalent of the pound shop (brits will know what I mean, but for those unsure it’s a place where everything is £1, and most of it is crap). So landing in KKBB I had the shock of my life.
The store itself is a little skybox with wall upon wall of pretty, and a second floor of even more pretty.
I can’t describe it well enough, and it isn’t actually in search (land problems by the looks of it) so heres some pics, and a slurl… get your ass over there!

Pic one – Julianna Dress in Blue and Tifani Dress in Giraffe/Sienna
Also wearing Rockberry Megan Skin and D!VA Haruka hair in Cat’s Eye, bracelet is Blacklace.

Shoes – KKBB Strapped Heels in Black straps & Cream
(Shoes come with a really easy to use HUD that changes size, skintone and nails quickly and easily. Only issue is a slight sculpty seam on the little toe, but it’s only noticeable if you look for it)

Until Next Time
Tracy xx

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