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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Living Doll

I was trying my hardest to avoid them, but who can stop themselves when there’s something so adorable all over plurk.
Emma Gilmour released her Bloom dolls last week and they became an instant sensation, with hundreds of gorgeous pictures taken and edited in all styles. Every other plurk had a doll picture and each one made me “awww” even more, so it was only a matter of time before I ended up donning my own big head.
Emma mentioned that these doll’s weren’t exactly planned as a huge release, they were more of a personal project. Which just goes to prove that doing something just because you want to can result in something absolutely amazing.
Each doll comes with a head, shape, skin and poses and it’s so easy to dress them up. You can choose an eye color, lids, eyelashes and makeup and then take your favourite modifiable hair and fit it around the head for even more personalisation. If your hair is resize scripted, you can literally hit +10 about 6 times and it’ll only need minor adjustments to finish it off.
I also modded a tongue so my bloom could be just a little big cheekier.
Thankyou so much to some of my best girlies Sway, Sysy and Beulah for modelling these, and hopefully soon we’ll get Ephe in too!! Check back for more bloom shots.
Bloom Dolls are available from Surf Co.
Until next time
Tracy xx

p.s No style card this time because I have no idea what the girlies are wearing haha.