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Friday, 17 June 2011

One day my prince will come.

This post is a little late, I do apologise. 

When I saw these skyboxes on the marketplace a few days ago I instantly knew that I had to see them in world. I just had to know if they were really as amazing as they looked in the pictures. They did not dissapoint. 

The skyboxes, or skydomes are made by Paty Paule, who owns Cartoon Kid's a store for child avatars. 
She has a choice of 4 available, the following three, plus a night-time version of the garden which has been snapped up by many of my meeroo loving friends as it's the perfect habitat!

Personally, I think these are amazing spaces for photographs. If, like me you struggle to find a spot where you can rez, and won't get photobombed by a newbie with his primness hanging out, these are for you. 
They're low prim, the highest being 86 prims and they're quite large too, so you could easily hold a themed party inside. 
Really, the options are endless!

Enjoy, and if you want to see them in world head over to the Cartoon Kid's store. 
A Fairytale Skybox. Dress and mask by Nzuri, Hair by Clawtooth, Gloves by adam n eve.

A story Wonderland, See "90's child" post for style card.

My Halloween

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