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Sunday, 22 April 2012

One Bad Pixel

Myself wearing Cherry Cheong dress in Pink and Cigarette pants in Red. 

I totally should have waited until I could boost up to ultra and take a picture but I have to share this with you all right now! I'm a mesh convert and it's the fault of a bunch of ladies at the launch party for new mesh brand One Bad Pixel.

As of this time we have no idea who the designers are behind the brand (See the store for a little "guess who" contest.)

I don't usually like mesh. I've never gotten my head around what size I am, and I hate tweaking to make my curvy figure fit. With these I didn't have to tweak a thing... and I'm a medium! Bonus!

I'll post more pictures when I can boost up graphics. But here's a few of the store (Which is so gorgeous it deserves some spotlight), the party and the pretties!

The exterior and Garden

The Interior

Glomesh Halter and Crop Jeans worn by RachelleMcmillan Resident

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