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Monday, 9 July 2012

One Voice - Standing together.

All Items available at One Voice.

Copyright issues affect all of us within SL. 

Designers and content creators watch as their hard work is stolen. Those thieves then go on to resell the creations under their own names, also stealing the credit. Or they might give it away for free and full perms. Either way the original designers are then hit with a loss in sales.

Honest shoppers are then stung. They find their favourite stores closing. They find prices rising whilst designers struggle to cover the costs of their losses. Those costs ranging from legal action to simply having to retire stolen stock. 

Eventually we will all be affected. We will lose the fresh content we all need to keep this world interesting. 

Recently Gala Phoenix of Curio was affected in a way we could never have foreseen. The DMCA process, designed to protect her intellectual property has failed her and now she is facing an expensive RL court battle to prove her rights and get her store back. 

Designers from across SL have come together to form One Voice. We're standing together to help Gala and to take a stand against theft. We're saying "this isn't okay." 
Come and join us. Head on over to the One Voice fair and pick up a few creations from your favourite designers. Every donation helps towards giving Gala a chance to defend her business. 
Every donation makes One Voice louder.

- Style Card - 
Pose – Fatcat – Falbala 1 – R
Skin – Al Vulo – Georgie *Peacock Blonde Custard – R
Shape – My Own
Lashes Al Vulo – MEsh Lashes – R
Hair – Mina Hair – Charlize R (Comes with colour change hud)
Jewellery – Sax Shepherd Designs – Pitanga Jewellery Set – Mixed Cherry – R
Dress – SHUSH – Floral Dress White (Mesh) R
Shoes – N-Core – Shark 2 One Voice Edition - R

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