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Monday, 11 August 2014

A new me in a strange new world

Returning to SL this past week has been so much fun. Between buying up all of the awesome new mesh items that I missed out on this past year, and organising the Ulaa event, I have found myself spending tons of time in world. 

My favourite thing ever so far has to be the SLINK hands and feet, and of course the shoes which I plan to blog in a massive post this week. 
The slink hands have made everything so much prettier and amazingly easier. Buying shoes without having to either deal with system feet or stress myself out over the HUD's and matching to skins is the best thing to ever happen since mesh. 

Of course, as I plan for the future of this blog (please excuse me whilst I find time to give it a makeover) I have made sure that I have hunted down the bargains as much as possible. Of course, sometimes I can't avoid those extra spends. It's not my fault that it's all so pretty!

So here's the new me. I'm in a strange new world. Watch this space as I explore it.

♥ Style Card ♥

Skin - [Pink Fuel] Renee (Hazel) $L149
Hair - Truth Anita (Variety) $L400
Nails - La Boheme - Deco Marquee $L50 for the Ulaa Fund
Top - *BOOM* - Nyu day top (nude) $L175 @ Uber
Skirt - Tres Blah - Denim Mini skirt (Criss Cross) $L225 @ Uber
Pose - Nani Look at me $L125 for the Ulaa Fund

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