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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Love Ulaa

As most of you know I have been gone a while. I have missed the comings and goings on plurk and in world, and I just got back and have been playing catch up. 

This has been brought to my attention ... http://www.gofundme.com/atht7w 

I do not know Ulaa other than to say I have seen her around plurk. But this has really drawn my attention. 

I know there has been talk of running an event and some things have already been offered, but as I understand it nobody has the time right now to get an event up and running quickly enough for it to actually help. 
With my daughter on holiday for two weeks, and very little to do right now. I HAVE TIME. 

So this is going to happen. I need to work out land (which has been offered I think) and a date which is likely to be within the next week or two. I have a build ready to rez as soon as I get the land sorted. 

What do I need from you? 

DESIGNERS - I am not expecting, or asking you, to make new items. Or for exclusive items. I know, from experience, your time is precious. What I am asking is that you offer something, ANYTHING for the cause. It can be a current item, a retired - quality - item, or a recolour. Whatever you have. I will have a vendor ready soon which will allow you to give either 50% or 100% of sales to the cause. If you are interested IM Tracy Rubble in world and I'll put your name down. 

BLOGGERS - I need you to do what you do best. Get the word out. I'll have a logo ready very soon along with a press release. IM Tracy Rubble and I'll ensure you get a copy. Also, blogging the event and items on sale would be a HUGE help. This won't work without shoppers. 

I also need a place to host DJ's and some DJ's willing to do the event. Tip jars will be placed for donations to the cause. 

EVERYONE ELSE - I need people to spread the word. Any help you can give or anything you can offer will be amazing. 

If you remember "randomkindness" that I managed to sneak under your noses for the best part of a month two years ago before you found me out... This event will be run in the spirit of that. I do not aim to, nor wish to gain anything from this except for the knowledge that Ulaa and her son get some precious time with her mother. Please join me in the spirit of this. 


DRAMA - I know this has already happened and put a dampener on spirits. Ulaa has not asked for this event. I reiterate that I barely know her. Any drama should be directed towards me for doing this. NOT ULAA who is having a tough enough time already. 

I encourage you all to direct, very loud and very open drama towards me. SL secrets, anon plurks and rants from private profiles. It's all marketing and gets the event more attention. Thank you so much in advance. 

Ok, so you know what to do 


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