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Saturday, 15 May 2010

I'll have my cake (and wear it)

Hair is a bad topic for me. I hate shopping for it, but I love owning it. The problem is, I want too much from those wigs. I want realism, I want style and most of all, I want it to fit without me having to spend hours altering it to fit.

I've heard about "Cake Hair" before in general conversation. But I've been stuck in a Magika phase, where I'd found hair I loved, that always fitted.
So when I dropped into FNKY for a browse, and saw cake was in the same build, I just had to go and have a look.

The first thing I noticed was the free demos. You can't fail to get my attention if you don't charge for demo's. I am a self confessed cheapskate, and hate to pay 1L for something I will delete within a few minutes. I let out a squeal of delight and started trying on demos. Finding a couple of styles I kinda liked, I decided to grab a LM and possibly drop back once in a while.
I'll honestly say I wasn't blown away, but at the same time Cake was a hair store I'd probably try once in a while.
Then I turned my avi around and saw......

My mind went into overdrive. Real, whispy hair? Photorealistic textures? Yummy styles?
I started grabbing randomly at the demo's, they fitted!!!! Then I tried on this style. Papercut II.

Papercut II is a gorgeously created up-do, with a perfectly placed bun and lots of whispy, flexi pieces of hair that move smoothly with the avatar. The bangs are textured to look completely real.
I can't describe my love for this hair in words, but I grabbed both the white and the currant red. I'll be going back for more too.
Cake hair only comes in single color packs or fatpacks of all colors. The only fault I can see is the lack of color packs, and the hairs are a bit pricey (around 300 a color) but for this quality it's worth every Linden.

Until Next Time
Tracy xxx

STYLE CARD - click links to tp
Hair - Cake Papercut II (white)
Skin - AtomicBambi IMANI tan Rokstarr.
Shape - My Own
Eyes - Poetic Colors Carribean Sea
Tattoo - Artilleri Maggie.
Piercing - *Dreams* Music Note lip rings set

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