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Friday, 13 July 2012

Hair Fair 2012 - Discord Designs

My favourite thing about SL is the creativity. I love seeing creators who stretch the limits of the tools, simply to see what they can do. I love to see somebody find a workaround to ensure that they can create the item that they envisioned. I also love to see the detail that comes from somebody working so hard to make their idea a reality.

One person who has always awed me with her determination to break the mould and do something different is Kallisti Burns of Discord Designs. In the time that I have known Kallisti and her store I have seen her break many of the rules, designing hairstyles that I have never seen elsewhere and brining us some of the most realistic braids on the Grid. 

For this years hair fair Kallisti has gone one step further, uploading some fantastic mesh hairstyles.

The two styles above are just a selection of the goodies available a Discord Designs' Hair Fair location. The first is my solid favourite, Dhilon. I adore the ruggedness of the style. It's messiness adds the the realism. 
The second is Bouncer. A style that I was lucky enough to see some of the creation process. Bounder is a mohican style, created to resemble a close cut with many individual spikes. Again I love the realism. 

All of the styles on offer come complete with hair-bases that are designed to follow the design from the mesh onto the avatar. The braids have a base resembling the natural pulls of a scalp with tightly braided hair. Bouncer has a shaved scalp. 

Kallisti never lets a detail go, which guarantees you quality hair.

Style Card

Skin - Al Vulo - Georgie - Pink Blonde Cleavage Custard. R
Shape - My Own
Top - Angelred - Mesh Dani Sweater - Beige R
Hair 1 - Discord Designs - Dhilon - Natural Ginger (For Hair Fair) R
Hair 2 - Discord Designs  - Bouncer - Baby Blonde (For Hair Fair) R

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