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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Damn Phishing scams

So today was the day that nearly ended Second Life for me. I work as a sales assistant for a large store to earn the money to keep my store open, while working someone came in and spammed everyone on the sim about a free gift from her store. I went into the conference call and clicked her name to bring up the profile so I could copy/paste it into the ban list but instead caught the link, having a blonde moment I thought I'll just go take a look. The link brought up the login page and as Marketplace does that didn't think anything of it so logged in....what a stupid thing to do, the next thing I know I crashed in SL, although it wasn't a crash it was someone logging in on my account after they had changed the password.

Thankfully Linden Labs were on the case the minute I sent a contact form in and within a couple of hours I was allowed to change the password again and regain control of my avatar, some of the messages I received were quite nasty so I sent them an explanation/sorry IM and closed the window, one lady was very sweet about it.

My account, as far as the second life website is concerned is still in administration lock down and my L$'s are still missing but I have had an email saying I have a refund pending. If I had lost the account I would have shut the whole lot down and left SL, there is still a chance that I will loose the store as without the L$'s I had saved I will lose the land and not be able to pay the rent on my other stores but I hope it won't come to that. It may also have affected my reputation and that is something I rely on.

If anyone who reads this was affected by this scam through my avatar I would like to say a huge sorry, and would warn anyone to be very very careful over what they click on. I would also like to remind people that most of the avatars used for these scams are innocent victims especially if, like me, they have been in SL for many years and have a business of one form or other.

Ephedra Loon

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