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Monday, 13 May 2013


There are never enough good excuses for an update. Doing things differently is always refreshing and always exciting. So, without further ado... I am going to update!

      New Blogger - We have a new blogger coming on-board. Ok, so she isn't exactly new. She is an alt of one of the other bloggers, but she has a different style that would fit perfectly with what we already have.
Wendy Densmith is a teen blogger. She will be styling suitable styles and funky stuff for the teens of SL. If you feel that your creations would be suitable for a fourteen to eighteen year old please contact Wendy in-world and she'll take a look. Also, if you have styling ideas for her, feel free to drop a notecard.

      New Look - I will be working on a new look and layout for the blog in the coming weeks. I want to make it look better, and be easier for you to read. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome in the comments, or directly to any of the bloggers.

      Updated Policies - I will be updating the policies today. The changes will be minor, but please check them before you drop notecards or review copies. I want to ensure that everything is going to the right place and that the bloggers aren't being inundated with things that they do not deal with. Do not worry if you do send something to the wrong place. We will either contact you, or we will do what we can internally.

      Open Blog Policy - This is an open forum. Feel free to comment, discuss and even submit posts if you want to. Want to try blogging? Contact Tracy Rubble or email tracyrubble@gmail.com with your post and any pictures. If it fits it will be posted. We are also looking for a couple more bloggers who would like to post regularly. This blog is all about the girls, but we would love to add people with different styles and even possibly a homes and furniture blogger. Get in touch if you would like to help.

      All of that said, welcome to the new era of G for Girl.

Tracy xx

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